Spiritual Identities


2008 – 2014
In addition to meditation and art, I am exploring chakra healing. “Its ancient roots originated in India and traveled to the West through the philosophies of yoga”- Anodea Judith. There are seven main energy centers or chakras within the body, which run parallel with the spine. They mirror spinning vortices, and each chakra corresponds with a specific color and exact organ. When a chakra is out of balance, the body and mind becomes unbalanced.

Through holistic means, I study and practice ways to restore deficiencies in my chakras. Many years ago, I developed a terrible pain in the left side of my lower back. I went to the chiropractor, then the doctor and eventually went through physical therapy, but the pain persisted. I was internally guided to try a holistic approach to healing through yoga and meditation. My painting, The Chi Within, represents the root chakra, also known as Mudlahara. My root became out of balance from the years of stress I encountered in my marriage. The root chakra corresponds to many aspects of one’s physical identity including one’s environment, home, finances and work.

My practice of chakra healing is quite simple; while quietly sitting in my studio with the sound of flowing, trickling water sounds from my fountain, I close my eyes and scan my body to locate the chakras in need of healing. I begin at the root chakra or the base and move up to the crown chakra. I visualize the color and chakra that needs clearing and begin to breathe slowly by inhaling cleansing fresh color and energy into my body and exhaling the old grey color and energy out. This process can take up to several minutes and when I feel ready, I begin to paint.

I apply the base colors and with intention, drizzle and drip paint onto the canvas. This process has led to paintings, which have had therapeutic effects on my life and have helped me to integrate the corporeal with the spiritual. Through continued meditative painting, these works help me to restore and maintain harmony and balance in my life.