Healing Pie for Saeko

Healing Pie
for Saeko

Saeko June Fujii passed peacefully in her sleep in Dec. of 2013. What I admired most was her loving devotion to my dad and her superior strength in life. I made this piece for June, to assist her in crossing over in to the afterlife.

My pie will become part of a shrine. The ingredients I selected symbolize the sea and eternal life. Sand represents memories and a passage of time. Crystals embody the reiki energy shared from my hands to June’s body. The sea anemone offers purification, fluidity and solitary endeavors. Oyster shells and pearls is the giver of life and wisdom. A lotus flower signifies awakening, death and rebirth. Beads from June’s Ojuzu, Japanese prayer beads she used for meditation and chanting. And lastly, a glass pie plate, denoting clarity as she passes into the spirit world.

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