New 2014 – 2017

New 2014-2017

​My work is both ladylike and girlish, often depicting the joys and vulnerabilities of life through fleeting emotions and childhood memories. A colorist by nature, I draw upon specific hues and textures to captivate and allure the senses. I often use self-portraits and abstract narratives to tell the story of the feminine; depicting the relationships and struggles a woman may have with self, domesticity and class.

Textural Abstract Paintings

My work portrays narratives of life, love, and friendships… often times there are no words to describe the emotions that pulse through me. Yet through my art, the visual stories flow quietly without the need for words being spoken. I find that the most difficult part is speaking out about what is most integral to my soul.

​”Home Sweet Home Series” on German Etching Paper

In this body of work, I express the trials and tribulations experienced while living in my newly renovated condo during 2009 through 2015 in San Francisco. My home endured intermittent water intrusion that ultimately led me to an investigation of my leaking windows. My art allowed me an outlet and humorous way to extract and release my sentiments…