Remains of an old greenhouse


March, 2010


I am knee deep in the thought process of my upcoming installation for APICC (Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center) in May. The show is curated by Pam Wu and deals with discarded objects of the everyday or “what gets left behind” and the redemptive process that renders an object “fundamentally new”.

My installation will honor my father and the family owned nursery that got left behind. My parents retired about thirteen years ago, literally giving the business to a long time employee who moved the nursery to another location. The structures of the nursery have been demolished, but the “remains” of the nursery, though few, are still in existence.

My father is eighty-two years old and recently underwent surgery. He is steadily recovering and getting stronger each day. Since I began this project, it has been a very emotional experience. My husband, mother and I have been selecting artifacts that really pull at my heart and very emotional and moving memories surface now and then that bring tears; objects of the past that are no longer of use, decaying furniture parts, the remains of a rusted wheel barrel,  torn corrugated plastics, a wooden ladder growing weeds within the splinters, etc. I have decided that I want to present this story of the Nursery that once was.

Mother, June, jumping in to lend a hand

Mother, June, jumping in to lend a hand


Preston assisting in the search for objects.