“Monsoon”, 40″x30″, Acrylic/Fabric on canvas


September, 2011


Hello everyone, time has been flying by and I wanted to share some Sept. news! I am in a Solo show at 2223 Restaurant on Market St. in the Castro, a dynamic venue with a full bar and restaurant. My reception will be on Wed., Sept. 7th, from 5:30-7pm. Eleven paintings were selected to be on exhibit, I hope you can see the show! It will be up until October 11th, so there is still time to see it:

McKinley Art Solutions is proud to present ‘KI’, mixed media paintings by Kathy Fujii-Oka. Kathy’s paintings are a combination of acrylic drizzled and dripped on canvas overlaid with silk, chenille and other fine fabrics in order to balance inner strength through Ki flow (energy released through the hands) and femininity.

“My art is an exploration of spirituality and the corporeal, expressions of abstract narratives exposing self through the senses by way of meditative paintings. Heavily influenced by Jackson Pollock and his unique style of drizzling paint, I employ the drip in my paintings. However, I drizzle and drip with swirls and a strong intention; I use it to instill inspiration and healing by way of meditation and reiki energy. Reiki is a Japanese treatment that channels energy through the hands to reduce stress and instill wellness through spirit. It has become a part of my daily practice and is the driving force behind my work.” ~ Kathy Fujii-Oka