My Meditation Garden


April, 2010


Feeling energized and ready to transpire once again. Since the launching of this website, I’ve been feeling extremely exposed and needed to take a step back to be at one with myself. For an artist, solitude can be bliss and I am one who takes pleasure in going within. I found shelter in my home studio, where new conceptions around my work began to take shape. I am just coming out of what I call Phase I, around my installation project for APICC in May. Phase II and Phase III are on the horizon.

I have been working hard at my reiki practice on a daily basis; I just received my second attunement from Reiki Master, Mia Runanin, www.miarunanin.com about a week ago. She has a beautiful office in Marin and also sees clients in SF. Mia and I spent the afternoon wrapped up in the study of reiki, it was a wonderful day! Reiki is spiritual in nature and helps to harmonize the body, mind and spirit by tapping into and channeling the “universal life force energy”. The process is relaxing and healing in nature and helps to balance the chi, which in return keeps my art practice flowing.

Being cooped up in my studio for weeks, I found myself in need of some female bonding. I seeked out my confidants and enjoyed some nights out with my girlfriends, sipping wine, laughing, indulging and dining the night away.  I wish life was always this good! Thank you Ladies, it was fun!

Pink Chi from my garden

Sending Pink Chi