Kokeshi Child, 30"x40", Oil and Acrylic on canvas


September 2012


Dear Friends,

I am on a sabbatical this year and taking a breather from my normal routine of art making and exhibiting. It is a time for new growth, maturation and stimulation in a new direction, an exodus from past patterns of behavior and beliefs. Stepping forward into the unknown and spending much of my time in solitude and away from familiarity has not been easy, but necessary for my being and my spirit to evolve. Although I am taking a break from the act of creation, my mind is constantly buzzing with ideas and I wanted to give you an update around my work and studies. My Peacocks series is still in progress, a trip to Bali, Indonesia, inspired and moved me forward spiritually and current summer projects are keeping me very busy.

I would like to extend a big “Thank You” to my dear friend, Paul Fernandes, for sparking and instilling my latest body of work. My Peacock series was birthed in the last year and it encompasses the notions of relationships, love and equality.  The concepts emerge and come to fruition as life’s journeys are played out. As a result, I have been patiently waiting for the waves of spontaneity and passion to return so I can resume and continue with the narrative of my bird series.

Water Birds, 18"x24", Acrylic on canvas

In May, I took a month long trip to Bali, Indonesia. I had a most magnificent time, the first two weeks was spent with my lovely daughter, Brittany. Together, we explored the beauty of the island, and my favorite part was touring and experiencing Balinese culture through the people, temples, Hinduism, and ceremonies. It was all so enriching and educational! I took over two thousand photos and have pared them down to manageable albums, some which I have shared on Facebook. The splendor of Bali is still fresh in my mind and I look forward to creating some new art enriched with Balinese traditions.

The Offering - Kneeling next to the remnants of an altar by rice paddy workers from the night before. I picked up one of the lovely offerings that was left behind.

To date, my summer project has been cleaning out my home studio to make room for new work. Additionally, I have been sifting through loads of boxes and artwork that has been stored at my former home in the south bay. I have a select collection of previous works of art that has not been shown in the San Francisco bay area. These large-scale paintings will be available for sale and exhibiting near the end of summer. I will be updating and posting images on this blog and on my Facebook “Like” page as well. Stay tuned….

My Emerville storage unit. It's quickly filling up with art supplies and artwork.