Sept 2012


Hanging recycled tarp to create a divider.

“Messenger of Change”

October of 2012 – Dia de los Muertos at SomArts

I was pleased to be a part of the community at SomArts Gallery last October. I created a large shrine of independence and empowerment for women, titled, “Messenger of Change”. It is my hope that my altar will help woman to realize that life changes are possible, but you must be willing to take action to make change by letting go of the past and looking to the future. Going forward, I feel an appreciation of life with renewed energy and excitement of what lies ahead.

A special thank you to curators, Rene Yanez and Rio Yanez for giving me the platform to create and share my work.

Bali Girl

My flying peacocks are symbolic of many things, including special friends in my life who have stood by me on my life journey. In collaboration with Brittany Lambert and Matt McKinley.

Brittany and I collaborated on the concept of this piece while in Bali, Indonesia and she assisted in the graphics. Matt helped me with the starry night ceiling; he worked out the design and details.

A part of my installation, the mixed media piece in the background is titled, “Bali Girl”. I took a photo of this beautiful child while sitting behind her at a private Balinese ceremony in Bali.