Painting my mother's slippers


October 2011


Reception: October 7th, Fri. from 6pm

I am honored to be a part of Dia de los Muertos this October. A tribute to my mother, Yumiko Fujii and her life, the teachings learned and the love I feel for her. She died young, at the age of forty-eight and this year marks the thirtieth year of her passing. Calling in her spirit, her essence will return in an intimate and temporal setting where memories, love and compassion live. I am delighted to have a chance to create this large-scale contemporary altar for her and to work alongside other artists in a community setting creating our altars together. Watch for my interview with Jean Shiffman in SF Arts Monthly.

Sharing my artist’s statement:

I dedicate my installation to my mother, Yumiko Fujii. She arrived in the US with my father when she was twenty-two and spent the rest of her life as a wife, mother and homemaker. My mother suffered from severe depression towards the end of her life and my family was immobilized in helping her. It saddened me that I did not have the kind of mother-daughter relationship that I longed for because of her illness. After she died, I felt angry towards her for many years, for leaving us, my family. However, in 2006, I began to make art around my mother that helped me to heal from her death, which in turn brought out emotions of understanding and loving kindness. Feeling a longing to reconnect, this altar reinforces her absence and presence in my life and my deep love and compassion that I feel for her.