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Having gone through a major transformation over the past several years, I would like to acknowledge key individuals and businesses for their support:

Brittany Lambert: My daughter, Brittany, is my light, she is my best friend who encourages me and instills pure, unconditional love and sparkle in my life.

Professor Richard Shaw, (ceramics department): a master of Asian Art, Richard taught me Japanese Culture through ceramics and painting. He helped me to understand and conceptualize my work by giving it new meaning.

Professor Katherine Sherwood: taught a class called Art, Medicine and Disabilities. Taking Katherine’s class led me to an invaluable internship at Creativity Explored where I began a path of healing.

Creativity Explored: an art center for developmentally disabled artists in San Francisco. From the day I walked through their doors, I knew I had found peace within myself.

Ester Hernandez, Artist: My beloved friend and mentor that I met through Creativity Explored. I am deeply grateful for her guidance, friendship and support.

Asian American Women Artist Association (AAWAA): I met Cynthia Tom andShari Arai DeBoer through AAWAA. I became part of a community of women artists supporting women through our art. Cynthia and Shari have been highly inspirational and are strong leaders in the art community.

Preston Oka, Yamagami’s Nursery: With the help of Preston, I moved and set up my live/work studio in San Francisco. I am appreciative to him for giving me the opportunity to expand and grow as an artist.

Flo Oy Wong, Artist (Co-founder of AAWAA): I was fortunate to meet Flo through a workshop she was teaching at APICC. Sharing our love of art and spirituality, Flo has become a dear friend and mentor.


Bob Hsiang Photography

Don Felton, Photographer: Almac Camera


AAWAA, Asian Americian Women Artist���s Association

API Cultural Center, Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center

Brava Theatre, Brava! for Women in the Arts

Design2Market: Steve Yamaguma

Eth Noh Tec, Kinetic Story Theatre

Galleria de la Raza

Judy Shintani, Artist

Mia Runanin, Somatic Counseling, Reiki Master/Teacher

McKinley Art Solutions, Original Art for Contemporary Minds

SOMArts Cultural Center